School Safety

A comprehensive school safety plan must address the issues that are relevant to the educational environment and the community as a whole. Any hazard that is present in the community is also present in the schools themselves.

Severe weather, hazardous materials, terrorism, criminal acts, fire, medical emergencies, disease outbreaks, earthquake and technological emergencies are all events that are addressed in the local Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and should be addressed by schools at a district and individual level. The OHSEM has placed radio receivers in each school which can receive emergency broadcasts from public safety.

City and County Law Enforcement and Fire officials interact and train with our community schools on an individual basis. School Resource Officers provide a security resource for the Phenix City and Russell County Boards of Education.

Both Superintendents interact with the OHSEM any time a specific threat exists for our local community and work with local law enforcement and fire to provide a safer school environment for our communities most valuable resource, our children.

For more information on school security, contact your local Board of Education, Law Enforcement Agency or Fire Department.