What We Do

Emergency Management simply explained is a resource to the community and local stakeholders. When a disaster strikes, we are who come to assist. Many people never see us or even know that we exist and we would say that’s a good thing.

Our everyday operations consist of planning and preparing for what can and will eventually occur. We put together emergency operation plans, we manage supplies that will be needed when an emergency arrives, we prepare the community by offering training classes (Community Emergency Response Team – CERT), CPR/AED, Active shooter, and we strive to compose the response efforts needed as we build a relationship with our community.

In the Emergency Management world, we have strong partnerships with our surrounding counties as well as the State Emergency Management, with this bond we are able to all work together when something occurs in our own backyard.

Some days may involve heavy paperwork or grant writing, while other days may include an overturned truck across a major highway that has a hazardous chemical spill. There are also days where a storm may pass through our town and leave behind an abundance of damage, this is when we get to work and help our community rebuild what they have lost.

Emergency Management is much more then many may ever realize but the main thing that we want our community to know if that when a disaster strikes, they can count on us to help mend the pieces.

To reduce loss of life and property and protect our community’s critical infrastructure from all hazards through a comprehensive, risk-based emergency management program of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

Our Mission Statement

Who We Are

Director David Martin, MLEM, CLEM
Mr. Martin has worked at Russell County EMA for 9 years. He came on board on June 24, 2013 as the IT/Training Specialist, was promoted in October of 2016 as Deputy Director and is now serving as the Director as of March 9, 2022. Mr. Martin is currently labeled a Masters Level Emergency Manager with Alabama Association of Emergency Managers and a Master Level Firefighter with Alabama Fire College. Mr. Martin has several certifications and the determination needed to serve his county diligently every day. Mr. Martin has also volunteered his service for over 28 years with Ladonia Fire Department.
Deputy Director Samantha Cato, ALEM
Samantha was brought on board at the EMA office on November 9, 2015, she was originally hired as an Emergency Planner and was promoted in October of 2017 to Operations Specialist then to Deputy Director in 2022. Samantha has several certifications that offer her advantages in the Emergency Management field. She is also an Advanced Level Emergency Manager from the Alabama Associations of Emergency Managers. During her seven years with the EMA office, she has developed a strong grasp of the knowledge needed to guide, support and comfort the community in their times of need.
Logistics Officer Randy Collinge, BLEM
Randy was hired on in May of 2022 but is no stranger to Emergency Management. He started as a member of the Russell County CERT team in 2019 and afterwards joined the Ladonia Volunteer Fire Department. Randy has completed Fire Fighter I and II, HazMat A/O, Emergency Care Provider, Search and Rescue, Advanced Storm Spotter and several other certifications. Randy will now be the CERT team instructor and CERT program coordinator as he continues his education in the field of Emergency Management.

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