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In the event of a release of hazardous materials, you may be asked to shelter-in-place. This type of sheltering is different from the shelter you take in a storm or tornado. You should select a small, interior room, with no windows if possible. Make sure to take a small television or radio with you and a cordless phone if possible. If a shelter-in-place situation occurs, the recommended areas will be released to the media. The Russell County Outdoor Warning Sirens may be activated also.

A chemical emergency may occur anywhere hazardous materials are manufactured, stored or transported. Chemical plants are obvious sources of potential accidents. Less obvious are highways, railways and storage containers at places such as swimming pools (chlorine).

You are most likely to hear about a chemical emergency by radio, television or warning sirens. When you learn of the emergency:

When you hear the "all clear" message over the emergency broadcast system, you should:

For more information, visit www.redcross.org and www.nicsinfo.org/SIP%20Center.htm.